2008 Army All American Bowl Game Results

In December 2007 I posted thoughts about a New York Times article about the competition between ESPN and the US Army All American Bowl Game.  The results are in…we won in every category.  We had better ranked players, higher attendance, and higher television viewership.

LESSON LEARNED:  Focus on improving your own brand, be the best you can be, and don’t try and compare yourself to those behind you.   I’m not saying it isn’t important to watch the competition, but it is more important to focus on yourself and making yourself a better brand.

On a different note, I had the privilege of sitting with a young man named Terrell Pryor at one of the dinners.  He was named Player of the Year and was the MVP for the game.  He is heading to Ohio State and I look forward to watching his college career.  He is an impressive young man who was humbled to be in the presence of the other players before he received any of his awards.  I hope he isn’t corrupted by fame!

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