Hire a Vet: Diversity

This is part 6 in an 11 part series.

Veterans work side-by-side with people from different races, gender, religions, ethnic backgrounds, etc.  The Army is a melting pot that represents all of society that now includes people of different sexual persuasions.  Service members are not judged on anything but their future potential.

Members of the military not only learn to embrace peoples differences from those they serve with, but also with those who they serve with from other countries and from living in foreign lands.  This is also addressed in globalization.

How Can You Leverage This Experience?

When you hire a Veteran you gain an employee who is capable of working in a diverse workspace and embraces the differences that people bring to the organization.

Future Articles on:

  • Time Management
  • Performance Under Pressure
  • Accountability
  • Technology
  • Globalization

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