Hire a Vet: Leadership

This is part 2 in an 11 part series.

No other organization provides the training and experience to develop leaders like the military.  Within a year of graduating from college a lieutenant is leading a team consisting of up to 30 members. Every Soldier, officer and enlisted, receives numerous weeks of training before they arrive at their first unit, some of which includes leadership.  Even basic training provides privates an opportunities to lead their peers.

Within the first five years of service most officers return for advanced training in their career field and Soldiers attend the fifteen day long Warriors Leader Course to learn basic leadership skills before they are eligible for promotion to sergeant and given a chance to lead.

In addition to formal training there is training done at the unit level.  Although there is no standard, good leaders take time to share the lessons they have learned over the years through professional development programs.

By the time a junior officer or non-commisioned officer makes the decision to leave the service they have learned how to motivate, inspire, provide concise direction, delegate responsibilities and empower others to accomplish all assigned tasks.

In addition to leadership experience the Army recognizes the value of college education.  Every Soldier has an opportunity to take additional college courses due to tuition assistance programs available to all in uniform.  Such a high emphasis is placed on continued education that Soldiers are able to continue their college courses while deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan.

How can you leverage this experience?

Use former members of the military to mentor other members of your organization on leadership.  Provide professional development programs to your interns.  Imagine what a positive experience this provides!  When it comes to education all veterans are entitled to benefits under the GI Bill which allows them to gain higher degrees while costing your company nothing but support.

Leadership, another reason to Hire a Vet.

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