Hire a Vet: The Pentathelete

In honor of Veterans Day later this week and with the continued reports on Veterans Unemployment I will publish eleven articles on why to hire a veteran.  Why eleven?  Maybe you need to understand the history of Veterans Day. The Pentathelete In an Army that has fought two wars simultaneously while also doing peacekeeping operations […]

The New Marketing Equation: B = E+C

I’ve caught your attention.  This really isn’t anything new but the way some people talk you might think it is.  B=Brand, E=Employer Brand and C=Consumer Brand.  Let me start of by making it clear on my position…companies have A brand.  In this day and age of social media people do not distinguish between employer and […]

Army Culinary Competition

Ice carvings, fancy china and picture perfect food.  It’s not a five star restaurant but rather the 34th annual U.S. Army Culinary Arts Competition at Fort Lee in Virginia.  The story was picked up by the Washington Post and certainly presents a side of the Army most people don’t know about. Why can you learn […]