Experiential Marketing (Events)


The U.S. Army Strength in Action Zone is a mobile, fully interactive experience featured at events across the county, allowing participants to explore elements that give U.S. Army Soldiers a strength like no other.

Participants can experience Strength of Body, Strength of Technology, Strength of Team and the Strength to Lead with a variety of interactive fitness, educational, robotic and other technical elements.

These qualities represent the hallmark of today’s Army: Soldiers that possess a strength like no other, forged by tough, realistic and rigorous training, strong and caring leadership, and enhanced by cutting-edge technology.

The Strength In Action Zone Experience Includes:

Strength of Body: Participants see if they meet the physical fitness standards of the U.S. Army in a fun and challenging fitness element. They can climb a rock-wall tower, perform fitness challenges, be electronically matched to an Army Strong Soldier to compare their results and receive Army workouts on request to help them reach their fitness goals.

Strength of Technology: Participants use the same cutting-edge technology as today’s U.S. Army Soldiers in an interactive robotics element. They can practice maneuvers and tasks performed by real Army robots as they compete with other participants to guide a remote-control “PackBot” through an obstacle course.

Strength of Team: Up to five players participate in a team-based, high-tech and action-packed simulator experience based on realistic U.S. Army missions that emphasize the spirit of teamwork that is a part of what gives every U.S. Army Soldier a strength like no other.

Strength to Lead: Participants test their leadership skills in decision-making challenges that simulate real-life scenarios U.S. Army officers have faced. The outcomes they learn highlight how the U.S. Army prepares and cultivates the leadership potential in its officers.

Strength to Soar: Participants experience an Apache helicopter flight simulation, perform speed and direction changes, and other operational maneuvers, as they explore the advanced technology and available career opportunities in U.S. Army aviation.

Rock Strong: Up to four participants have fun and show off their rock ’n’ roll skills in a virtual music experience, playing guitar in competitions against friends or U.S. Army Recruiters.


One of the biggest challenges within a marketing campaign can be developing an outreach program which has a good return on investment.  The Army has been involved in some sponsorships because the Army leadership had directed it.  The challenge was not selecting the programs that best suited the recruiting effort, but rather to turn those that the Army was involved with into a viable program.   Multicultural events are leveraged to help the Army recruit a diverse Army.

Other ways to experience the Army

Other ways the Army helps the American public experience the Army includes the Army Athletes and Olympians Program, Army All American Bowl Game, and the Army Motorsports Program.