Army All American Bowl


The Army All American Bowl is the premier High School All Star Game.  Beginning in 2008 Under Armour challenged the Army’s game and the attendance and television ratings from this competition were not even close to what we have achieved.  This game expanded from being a program which allowed access to schools of the players selected to now include selection an All American Marching Band.  In addition, the program has been used as a means to communicate the college opportunities available through the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC).

The Army has had a long history of sponsoring the All American Bowl.  The sponsorship is not about the game, but rather everything before and after the game.  Before the game there is the Selection Tour which is an announcement of players and marching band members.  The tour provides the Army a chance to speak at assemblies at high schools all around the country.  During game week the Army runs a series of clinics that help educate coaches and the players about the Army.  After the game the Army returns to the schools to present banners recognizing their player.

In 2008 a competitive game began but to date the  Under Armor game has failed to affect the performance of the All American Bowl.