wins 2014 WebAward

Just found out that my biggest project at Amazon won a 2014 WebAward.  So proud of the work done by my partners at CKR Interactive and my friend Kat who wrote the content! What did one of the judges have to say? – “The site is exemplary in its UX, making it an intuitive […]

I’ll hire passion over passive any day!

On Friday night I met with Jeremy Langhans (@Jer425 and @bluelabeltalent) and Steve Levy (@LevyRecruits) in Seattle.  During the course of our discussions I made the comment that is now the title of this blog post.  They both shared it through Twitter so here are the thoughts behind the comment. In 1995 I was a captain in the […]

Leadership Lessons from Darth Vader

Darth Vader, not exactly the nicest of bosses, so what can we possibly learn from him?  I believe we learn from everyone.  Over the years I have worked with many types of leaders, some I learned what to do and others what not to do.  I consider myself fortunate that there are far more of the […]

ERE Recruiting Conference & Expo 2014 Spring

Interested in learning how to build or improve your employer brand? I will be sharing 20 Lessons that I learned running the Army Strong campaign and have validated in the work I have done since leaving the Army. One of the 20 lessons I will share is how I applied my experience developing tactical and […]

The power of a brand!

This week as I was in Boston for the Human Capital Institute Conference I saw shirts and signs proclaiming Boston Strong.  Ironically, I was speaking about the Army Strong campaign.  At the end of my presentation I held up a shirt with Boston Strong printed on it and asked a simple question, would this have […]

Marketing Secrets

Human Capital Institute invited me to speak at their Boston Conference today about lessons I learned running the Army Strong campaign. I spoke about many things, but the one that needs to be addressed further in a future post is Effects Based Marketing Planning. After 20+ years of planning and problem solving I now apply […]