Motrin learns a Social Media Lesson

Have you seen or heard about this ad (see it here on YouTube) for Motrin? At the moment, it’s the top trending topic on Twitter, thanks to moms outraged at the ad’s suggestion that “wearing” a baby in a sling or other carrier is little more than a fashion statement.

Apparently, the marketing team at Motrin heard the ticked-off moms loud and clear.

“We are parents ourselves, and we take feedback from moms very seriously,” Kathy Widmer, the company’s vice-president for marketing, says in a statement. The company is “removing this ad from all media,” Widmer’s statement says, adding that it might take awhile to complete that task.

This points out the need to have a crisis reaction team consisting of client and agency personal.  There must be a balance between a legitimate issue and the minority voice being heard louder to social media.  There is no cookie cutter approach to reacting to these problems and we need a formal team/process to deal with these issues before the minority voice becomes too loud.

To the marketing team…if you want to learn about crisis response….take two Motrin and call me in the morning!

See similar story about Intel.


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