Hire a Vet: Performance Under Pressure

This is part 8 in an 11 part series.

In the military no two days are the same.  For a service member who is deployed, no matter the location, there are many pressures to deal with.  From care of your Soldiers and their families to accomplishing all assigned missions.  No matter the requirement, military members are prepared to stay focused on the task at hand under the most trying of situations.

Many Army members who have deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan have said the situations they were placed in during training were more challenging than those they faced in combat. 

How Can You Leverage This Experience?

Look at the requirements of your organization and determine the positions with the most pressure.  Do you need someone who has proven they can perform under pressure?  There are very few organizations that actually train people how to perform under pressure, but the military is one.

Future Articles on:

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