Hang in there Jack

I’m not sure about you, but I wasn’t too impressed with the Super Bowl commercials this year. But…I had to laugh when I heard about the campaign that Jack in the Box launched with their $3 million dollar spot. Jack, the globe-headed CEO was hit by a bus on his lunch break in LA:

I should mention that one of the details I miss about life on the West Coast is the Jack in the Box commercials. (We don’t have Jack in Kentucky.) When I first heard of the campaign I thought what a brilliant idea it was.

Jack’s status is being updated at hangintherejack.com (the additional video footage is fantastic) and his administrative assistant is posting updates on Twitter and Facebook. Very funny and kudos to Jack in the Box for making the most out of their pricey Super Bowl ad.


A February 25th Blog Post outlines the Hang in there Jack campaign as a case study in Cross Platform Digital Story Telling.  However, this Blog Post from February 13th identifies some of the shortfalls of the campaign from a social media perspective.

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